Do You Value Freedom of Religion and Constitutional Rights?

I need to show you guys something. Not too long ago, I started getting fan requests for viewing a video at FaceBook on putting Christ BACK in schools. I want to point out the intellectual legacy of this idea. It is distinctively anti-government in a way that should be disturbing to people who value the Constitution.

Please visit the Founding Father of Home Schooling, R. J. Rushdoony on this youtube page:
Read about his theories of governance:

And you may conclude with me that in order to confirm his paranoid bias, he reinvented history.

In addition to creating home schooling and (wanting to) demolish the legal system of the United States, he directly inspired murder. How much nicer can a guy get? Does he invite direct comparison to any radical muslim clerics you know?

Here is piece produced for a religious audience. Christian Reconstructionism By Dr. Bruce Prescott - Interfaith Alliance forum on Religious Extremism - Westminster Presbyterian Church April 11, 2002

What I find interesting is the direct explicit intent to establish control in Republican organizations.

This is a Rushdoony legacy foundation link to a page of readings for the advancement of LIBERTY!
Which I find funny since they wish to eliminate the structure of the government.

In closing, I presume you may be aware that Christ was never in schools in the first place. If you have any ideas to the contrary, don't consider looking at anything but the American Bar Association's page on it. I have put several links into this post already. Find it yourself. :-p

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