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I ran into this comment. I think it's awesome and gives us hope.
I was homeschooled by young earth creationists...too many stupid things. My father got kicked out of college for being an asshat to his math teacher and never pursued anymore education and my mother got a writing degree from a community college.

Needless to say their grasps on history, science, and pretty much every subject was...interesting. It's sad when you go to a Christian college and your professors are telling you that your parents taught you some crazy shit.

response from another commenter:

You went from a crazy Christian home school right into a Christian college? That's like fleeing from Auschwitz only to go to Alcatraz and say to yourself, "Hey, man, this is living."

original poster:

Actually the professors at the college were really good oddly. At the time it was the most liberal Christians I'd met (despite the staff, students and reputation being extremely conservative) and they really challenged me to think about my faith. I went from being a young earth creationist ministry major to an agnostic who believes evolution is by far the most likely scientific explanation for the origin of our species who majored in film. And through that they were the few people who really respected and championed me (I wasn't an asshole agnostic but I also came out openly and some staff tried to kick me out for it).

So the whole Christian college professors telling me my parents are crazy is more funny then something showing a disparity between two same-sided extremes (since the professors were mostly liberal people who believed in evolution and that this country is much worse off for some much Christianity being involved in it). It's funnier though, I guess, if you imply the professors were young earth extremists also.

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