Environmental Cancer and the Web

It's June and the Palm Beach County television stations have been reporting on a high number of cancer cases in children in a small-ish agricultural/residential area.

After a week of reporting increasing numbers of people, a local mortician spoke up and said he mentioned to a county commissioner that it looked suspicious. The county commissioner didn't do anything we know of.

Why didn't the county health officials have GIS mapping with a historic database? The property appraiser has it, the fire department has it. The property appraiser makes money for the County. The firemen don't want people to die if hazardous chemicals are released by accident.

Sure high mobility communities would be poorly represented, but it would be better than nothing. It isn't rocket science.

Google Fusion Tables

Google Fusion Tables extend data sharing and manipulation in the browser.

Browser based speed is goning to be a lot faster very soon. Take a look at the AMAZING speed of Bespin.