Vanish Gives Your Speech Life (A Short One)

Do you desperately need to say something publicly but equally desperately need not to have it associated with your searchable identity?

Enter, Vanish, an application/service that makes it possible for data to self-destruct over a period determined by natural degradation in a distributed torrent network.

The implications for this technology are wide-ranging.

I would like to address the issue of life *before* this happened. Specifically the assumption that students obviously need to be prepared for a totally open life. Bouts of drunken behaviour will haunt them forever. Blah blah.

Is it still obvious?

There isn't much you can't accomplish using the open architecture of the Internet. That's why statements regarding how amazing things are and how little the architects of the Internet appreciated the possibilities of their creation don't just ring hollow. They are themselves shortsighted.

Tim Berners-Lee laid the Web on top of the Internet. Don't forget it.

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