Come Here and let me bite off your leg!

Although I attended two talks on religion and evolution at the AAAS annual meeting last week, the one I learned the most from was on public health and communication.

In particular, from a gentleman (sorry notes at work) who works as a lobbyist for scientific enterprise. His remonstration toward scientists who do not empathize with lawmakers was pointed. The fact is that they have many competing interests that simply must be served. Simply doing what we think is the best thing for science and the public is often not possible for them.

His other point was that when you put truth forward in a persuasive way, the people who hold the swing votes are in fact most often listening with an open mind.

Folks like the two creationists, one of whom actually contacted the Discovery Institute for guidance, are not going to listen. Whatever the reason, their minds are closed.

Jeb Bush, like his brother, moved to destroy institutions in order to advance his agenda for education by placing stooges in positions of influence. Who knows whether successive federal powers will restore balance in Washington. Obviously the Florida Board of Regents was abolished by Jeb Bush (along with student representation) at the University level. He wanted to bust the professor's union but failed.

Getting back to the folks whose minds are closed . . .

They are like the Black Knight at the bridge. You can knock out one weapon after another till they have nothing of reason remaining. You can cut away their footing, till they have nothing on which to launch a logical attack. Nevertheless, they will insist on fighting on to preserve their ill-founded affection for lousy theology. Jimmy Carter left the Southern Baptist Convention because of their oddball behavior. He puts it in a more diplomatic way. But if you schlep down to the entry about Reverend Kennedy, a Presbyterian Church of America leader, you will see that fundamental beliefs based on thoughts about humanity two thousand years ago that are not mediated by reason can lead to some bizarre results.

Students ‘biggest losers’ in evolution debate
Point of View
Special to Florida Baptist Witness
Published February 22, 2008


Evolution in Florida Science Standards

Today, February 19th, 2008 the State of Florida's Board of Education voted on new Science standards for their schools. (Not that they are really wonderful 'cause there are warts aplenty.)

The very public issue was the use of "evolution." The word is now included in the official education framework as a "big idea" we should teach all children.

You should read the entry on the Florida Citizens for Science Blog to see what kind of oddball things are going on. But hey, it's Florida.

Speaking of brains, "I warned you not to use those things!"