Sarah Palen and Joe Biden debate on 10-02-2008 or "Exxon Stooge Shows up for Humiliation Show"

Palen appeared to have been briefed by someone who wanted her to display the fearful and reactionary low spots of the Bush administration's two terms.

You can pick your own favorite. This is my blog and I am only interested in two things. Global warming and Iraq.

I expect that after her son returns from Iraq as mine did, Palen will have her opinion changed for her unless her son is isolated from the people of Iraq.

On the other hand, her opinion on global warming displays a total lack of contact with reality. She has adopted the fallback position of ExxonMobil which is no real surprise. Exxon has had a very strong influence on the Bush administration's science policy and Sarah Palen appears to have been hand picked to continue the tradition of pandering to those who, in Fox News parlance, "Can Make Up Their Own Minds" which means exactly the opposite of what it says.


  1. In my National Government class I spoke on how Sara Palin failed to see the problems with Global Warming. My Professor said since she sees actual wildlife where she lives in Alaska [since you can see Russia you know] that she doesn't see it happening because they have perfect seasons, meaning it's freezing year round so warmth is non-existant.

    If Palin ends up becoming VP I'm moving to Australia.

  2. Not to be critical, but in Government class you need to understand EVERYTHING in the context of governance.

    Sarah Palen was a governor and as such she had scientific papers produced by state wildlife and environmental workers cross her desk.

    From the Global Diversity website: "Palin has repeatedly asserted that Alaska Department of Fish and Game scientists found fatal flaws in the sea ice models used by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to determine the polar bear is threatened. When challenged, Palin refused to release the alleged state review. Independent scientists eventually obtained a summary through the federal Freedom of Information Act, revealing that Palin had lied: The state mammalogists concurred with the Fish and Wildlife Service determination that Arctic sea ice is melting at an extraordinary rate and threatens the polar bear with extinction."

    If your professor wants further references to this behaviour, check out the Union of Concerned Scientists website. And if you guys get interested in really getting into coercion of employees and deliberate distortion of reports, find a faculty member at a nearby research university to speak to the student body who belongs to the UCS. Palen's behavior is exactly what set the UCS meeting off when the high dose birth control was sidetracked into committee.