Why I didn't buy a new iPhone how Android gets my vote

I'll admit it. I didn't buy a new one. The old one was nice but when it spent a half hour in the washing machine and I went back to my first generation iPod (waiting for 7-11-08) I found I could still listen to the podcasts to which I am addicted. I wasn't *unhappy* enough to go back.

THEN I found out the data charge would be thirty dollars a month! Frankly I am not willing to pay that much to look at a four inch screen. A dollar a day isn't much but I only use the data service once a week unless I'm out of town. So that's seven dollars per use.

I will probably reevaluate in 2009 and see how things are going. In the meantime Android will launch on new phones for multiple service providers.

I was going to use my iPhone in my Interactive Design class as a guinea pig/sacrificial phone. But after consideration I realized Android is more practical for my students since they will be able to afford their own Android capable phones next year. This will vastly improve the social aspect of the class.

The social interaction that surrounds handheld devices is worth of spending time studying.

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  1. Oh no!
    You seriously put your iPhone in the laundry by accident?!

    Matt is sitting here in shock with a "Wow" face on. He said that the next time he sees you he's going to "let you have it" for washing your iPhone.


    Good Luck with that.