Expelled No Intelligence Allowed

Resource here Expelled Exposed.

Is it surprising that the premise of the Academic Freedom bill in the Florida Legislature is so far off base that it isn't even playing the same game?

The above link goes to the site set up by the National Center for Science Education (NCSE) to keep track of resources that nail the movie's creators for dishonesty. At this point the count goes up every day as they lie about why people interviewed for the movie are kept out of screenings.

There is a possibility that this will end up being as funny as the Dover trial.

Using the movie to support the Academic Freedom bill was great for those of us who want to point out weaknesses because it reveals the underlying prevarication in their arguments.

An independent scholar housed at the Smithsonian is claimed to have lost his position in the movie but when you check him out, he is in the same position as every other resident scholar in the building. Yes he is disliked but it is because he doesn't return books or specimens he takes out of the collections.

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