Are All Schools The Same ?
Marat vs Lavoisier

Evidently there are plenty of people who think so and they are willing to apply the same solutions to every single one of them.

I wonder if that won't cause a problem commensurate with the current situation.

What if a school only needs the equivalent of a new fuse? Remember this is being done in the name of economy. The tools are crudely wielded by citizen zealots as if they were part of the French Revolution.

Thus the title of the essay. Marat denounced Lavoisier several times calling him "the greatest schemer of our times." Lavoisier took positions without pay, yet Marat was certain Lavoisier was taking advantage of the people of France. Can you say paranoid nutcase?

After the Revolution, it was recognized that France had beheaded a great scientist. Joseph Louis Lagrange commented, "It only took them an instant to cut off the head and a hundred years may not produce another like it."

One can visualize elderly ladies rocking and knitting while the heads roll. "Praise the Lord! Another dirty evolutionist!"