Bush lets Dr Strangelove die...
like a vampire hit by sunlight

Around 2:14:00 the Senate committee hands off from Bill Nelson to John Kerry. Nelson was being chummy with the NASA guys. They were saying that they would soon have no capacity to do earth observation from space because of a 30% reduction in earth science research in administration budgets.

Kerry goes after the admin's science adviser Dr. Strangelove (Bill Brennan) just after that. Funny because when the guy could have responded with specific documents and timetables he couldn't because they don't exist so he has to respond with stuff like "Ve haff plans for informink der Congress and the Amerikan pipples..." and "Long live der F├╝hrer!"

If you are a Dr. Strangelove fan, you know that when he is under stress, the Doctor reverts to his "Nazi Scientist" roots which is pretty similar to what happened in Washington this week.

David Kennedy at Coral Ridge Presbyterian thinks that the science behind natural selection is at fault for causing the bizarre experiments of the Third Reich but he is seriously wrong. Hitler's "Nazi Scientists" were just doing what the boss told them to do and trying to make it *look* like science.

Does that remind you of Administration spokesmen? It should because it is what they do for a living. It should remind you of the guy at NASA who told the Hubble website writers that every time they used the phrase "Big Bang" they had to make sure it was accompanied by a disclaimer saying that it was just a theory. One of many alternate theories of the creation of the universe. You know the others, right? The giant turtle theory, the big tree theory, the pouffy-hair guy pointing his finger theory, the four sacred mountains theory, Mother of the Shining Ones theory, Ometeotl and what-have-you.

Dr. Strangelove is in charge of the "Good Science Theory" propounded by his boss President Bush. The litmus test for evil henchmen consists of a trinity of statements. First, Every Cell is Sacred, second, CO2 makes plants grow and that's all, and third, there is no such thing as natural selection so dinosaurs and people must have lived together.

Dr. Strangelove froze up and reverted to his Nazi roots in a Congressional hearing. There was nothing he could do because the Supreme Leader shot himself in the foot and couldn't run interference. Yes Reverend Kennedy, you, the President, and your friends are closer to being Nazis than angels.