More Magical thinking

Not true, of course but it's like the Frito Bandito kind of magic. Presto! I make your research into my research!

In the Bush Administration's latest sally into reality, they have purloined stem cell research, rewritten it, and relabeled it _Advancing Stem Cell Science Without Destroying Human Life_. Touting recent research as "..creating potential alternative sources for pluripotent ES-like cells.." the report cites the January issue of Nature Biotechnology that stem cells found in human amniotic fluid have many of the same qualities as ES cells (Science, 12 January, p. 170).

Unfortunately, it is not the case.

The researchers who authored the journal articles have objected to the Administration's characterization of their findings calling it a "..clear misrepresentation of our work."

According to The Wall Street Journal, presidential aides are drafting a possible executive order favoring alternative sources. Perhaps the President could get his friend the Supreme Being to take time out of His busy schedule and alter His work to suit the Executive Order.

The report did not state specifically that the Administration's representatives scuttled back into Fantasy Land with their prize, but it's a good bet they did.