Why Schools Shouldn't Have Police Powers

Have you ever been apalled at how schools have this bizarre "I'm-a-law-unto-myself-and-I'm-always-right" attitude?
They build their buildings and aren't responsible to governmental oversight with regard to safety. Plus they have their own police force and decide who has been bad or good. The security cheif can be told what to do by the principal. As in, "I can handle this kid." What in the world makes them tick? Is it just arrogance?

The Education Schools Project recently released a report (funded by Annenberg, Ford, Ewing, and Kaufmann foundations. It is critical of the programs that grant degrees to Education managers such as Principals and superintendents. One of the things they do not criticise is the security training of these people.

This week, in CAZENOVIA, Wisconsin a 9th grader (3rd former) shot and killed his nemisis, the principal.

The complaint also said Hainstock had told a friend a few days earlier that Klang would not "make it through homecoming," referring to festivities planned for the school's homecoming weekend.

On Thursday, the principal had given Hainstock a disciplinary warning for having tobacco on school grounds, which was likely to mean an in-school suspension.

One student told a local reporter that Hainstock had recently been suspended for throwing a stapler at a teacher and for throwing a chair at the principal.

"I never thought [he] was capable of shooting anybody," she said.

Do you know any other place where you can committ two assaults and get to fetch your Daddy's shotgun to school and even up the odds against you?