Say "BAAAAAA" (humbug) to Bush

My son got on the plane for Kuait this afternoon. I am upset of course.

1. Upset that his battalion never got fully equipped before shipping out because they ran out of money in June.
2. Upset that because of this they will have to take used equipment and that units in Iraq have as much as fifty percent of their vehicles in the garage waiting for parts.
3. Upset that the people who did the battalion's final evaluation gave it high marks when they deserved no such thing.
4. Upset that we are supporting an Iraqi government that got 1,500,000,000 for weapons and infrastructure and only spent 400,000,000. The rest disappeared.
5. Upset that the general staff at the Pentagon told the administration they could support a front in North Korea when they can do no such thing.

This is the result of the Administration putting "yes men" into crucial positions. Two obvious examples are the temporary chair of the FDA in 2005 and the gentleman who oversaw FEMA during Katrina. Both of these appointments have had dire consequences for citizens, but by far the greatest disaster could be opening another conflict anywhere in the world.

Meanwhile the RNC runs surveys that ask about taxes and home ownership, completely avoiding questioning people on anything of consequence. Nothing on stem cell research. Nothing on Iraq. Nothing on North Korea. Nothing on choice/abortion. Nothing on education. They want Republicans to tell them if they want the Federal Government to take over even more of the State's responsibilities.

They take sheep-like agreement of the party members as a given. Well baaaaa to them.

And yeah, I didn't put any links on this to substantiate it, so it's poor work. I did however take the poll from the RNC just an hour ago, so I DO remember what they asked.

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