Inhofe Blasts Global Warming - can you say nuts?

Or "How I learned to love right wing think tanks and hate the Wayback machine"

Here is a link to the summary page: Inhofe's bizarre rant in the United States Senate this week.

The speech given on the Senate floor involves attacking the media first then redirecting toward global warming advocates and alarmists like Al Gore then ridiculing energy conservation. A thoroughly unsatisfying bit of recycled garbage. Full of pejorative remarks like "climate porn." And quoting from some thoroughly discredited Exxon suck-ups.

Now read this:
Guardian article.
and this:

Guardian archive of letter to Exxon from British science establishment.

This is a very good reasoned response to a letter to the Guardian from one of the so-called scientists:
Editorial on Unspeak blog.

Now tell me what you think.

My thought is that Gary Inhoef is going to hate the Wayback Machine until he dies. Of course the people who work for the various foundations will be followed from job to job. They won't be able to get work unless it includes large-scale ass kissing. Oops, I guess they *will* get jobs.

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