Expressing Yourself in a Search


How I Learned to Avoid Being Affected by Drooling Morons

Do a search at google.com and you can’t find anything - for a reason. A search for anything that is not a “key word” but is rather the expression of an idea gets only 25% accuracy. This is called a full text search, but is something a bit different conceptually.

Try “can’t get my car started” - there are probably 1500 reasons you can't start your car when it actually happens. In English there are single words with 15 meanings. Is it surprising? No, and it doesn't keep one from being a functioning human being. But when you have to search for something on the Internet, it's another kettle of fish.

There are strategies you can adopt that have to do with the way you orient yourself (Thus the term wayfinding) on the Web. To add to the problem, if you search for evolution, 50% of the returns are retards talking about how Natural Selection is “fatally flawed.” The 50% figure is because their idiotic drooling babble is being hit constantly by other morons. This runs up the popularity factor and their admittedly small population of publications are promoted by the search engine.

There. I know it won’t make anybody happy. But it is true as true can be. Just like the car. If you don’t know how it works, you probably can’t fix it. So if you live here online like so many of us, you have to study the map. Wandering around won’t cut it anymore for the simple reason that it is bigger than it used to be.

Remember 1991 and 1992? The Whole Web book? That seems like such a conceit now.

One night I found my way to a Los Alamos server. The only thing they had to keep me out was a notice saying ”Keep out!” and I took it seriously.

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